Sunday, November 13, 2011

How To Make Windows Run Faster - Step 1 [No Application Needed]

Speed Up Windows

How To Make Windows Run Faster

          Today I'm gonna show you a another cool trick to make your windows run faster ,No Application needed for this trick ,%100 working.... 
Did you try my other cool tricks ? read about How to speed up internet in windows 7 and How to speed up internet in windows XP .you should try that tricks,It was normally 250Kbps is the download speed of mine (In Internet Download Manager) Before i use that method.But when i use that method now my Download speed is 650Kbps  in Internet Download Manager.

                                                                 Ok let's go for today's trick.this is not about speed up internet,this is about How make your windows Run Faster....

Follow these Steps

  1. Right Click On my Computer
  2. Go to "Properties" 
  3. Click On "Advanced" Tab
  4. In the "Performance" option  Click "Settings"
  5. Pick the "Custom"
  6. Only Tick on Last 3 options
  7. Apply

Speed Up Windows

Speed Up Windows

lets see

How To Make Windows Run Faster - Step 2


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It really works for me...Thanks man you are
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windows 7 please...

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