Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Fix MediaFire Download Problem - Continuous Page Refresh

Fix MediaFire Page Refresh

How to Fix MediaFire Page Refresh Problem

Mediafire is one of the best and free hosting service.It gives Free Unlimited Hosting Space and when you download something it gives Unlimited Download speed.That's why MediaFire is most Loved one than other hosting services.anyway, some users face trouble with Downloading with MediaFire links sometimes.

The problem is, page automatically and Continuously refreshed when we click on the download button.
And the good news is, i found some solutions for that problem.

There are few reasons cause this problem
  • Blocked by browser cookies
  • Blocked by Antivirus
  • Blocked by DNS server
lets see how to get rid of these problems....

  • Blocked by browser cookies

    If download problem cause by browser cookie,you have to delete the cookie file.

    If you are using FireFox Follow these steps....
    • Tools --» Options --» Privacy "Tab" --» Click on "Remove individual cookies"
    • Delete ""
    • DoNE... Now restart the firefox and try Download again
    Fix MediaFire Page Refresh

    If you are using Google chrome
    • Press Alt + Ctrl + Del
    • Choose " the beginning of the time "
    • Select only " Delete cookies and other site data "
    • Click on " Clear browser data "
    • DoNE.... Now restart the Chrome and try Download again

    Fix MediaFire Page Refresh

    Or you can use CCleaner for Better browser data clean up. Click here to Download CCleaner latest version

    • Blocked by Antivirus

      Some times downloads blocked by web control in Antivirus.In this case you have to disable the AntiVir, then try download again....☺

      I think theses methods will help you... Happy Downloading....!!
      If non of these above didn't work for you .. You should Upgrade your Browser and it will solve your problem %100



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      If you're on a slow internet connections, upgrading the browser does not help. #retrying4days

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