Friday, September 23, 2011

How get back facebook old chat bar

First i have to you guys one thing.When i see the new chat system i thought it'll be awesome.. but i was wrong.. its completely annoying sometimes.then looked for solution. i look what i found

facebook old chat bar

Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler

This is a Add on can use in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera,installing this add on you can easily get your old Facebook chat bar.

You just need to install ‘Sidebar Disabler’ extension on your browser. With this extension you can disable the newly introduced Chat Sidebar and return to the old Facebook Chat.

                                                   To Firefox
facebook old chat bar

                                                   To Chrome
facebook old chat bar

                                                   To Opera
facebook old chat bar

If these links not working please leave a comment below!!
So enjoy back with your old chat


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