Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nokia kinetic : Review

Nokia kinetic
Nokia kinetic

         Multitouch revolutionized user interfaces, and if Nokia researchers get their way, a mobile device that's sensitive to how it's being flexed could be the next revolution.

At the Nokia World show here, the Finnish mobile phone maker showed off its "Nokia kinetic device" with a flexible display. Gripped with two hands, it would scroll through music collections or photo albums when twisted. Bowing it inward or outward zoomed photos in and out or paused and played music, while tapping the corners panned through photos.
While it was a real computing device with a real OLED display, it's most definitely not a real product anyone could buy today. More firmly in the prototype category was a related flexible device that looked like a slim remote control; it could be controlled with a single hand

As you can see in the video below, you can use this flexible interface to do anything with your mobile phone. By just twisting the mobile phone, you can make your way through your music playlist or navigate your photo albums. Here in this video, this video demonstrates it's new flexible interface by bowing in or out. Bowing in will zoom the photo and it’s the round way round for bowing out


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